M&M Retires Controversial ‘Spokesperson Candies’ After Online Uproar

Mars Candy Company Retires Its Controversial Spokesperson Candies After Year Of Backlash

Mars, the candy company known for its iconic M&Ms, announced Monday that it had decided to retire its seven “spokesperson candies” after a year of criticism. It all began when the company changed the footwear of two M&Ms characterised as women.

CNN reported that a campaign to “sexy-fy” back the green M&M sparked criticism from media outlets such as Washington Post and Rolling Stone. Then, the introduction of a new female character – the purple M&M – seemed to be the last straw. Fox News accused M&Ms of being ‘too politically correct.’

In a statement on Twitter, the company noted that it didn’t expect the image changes to “break the internet.” Instead of candy cartoons, actress Maya Rudolph will be the new face of the company. She will embody the “power of fun” to create “a world where everyone feels like they belong.”

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