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Military Mechanic: Your Ultimate Solution to Avoid Overpriced Repairs for Old Trucks

Military Mechanic: Your Ultimate Solution to Avoid Overpriced Repairs for Old Trucks

How a US Naval Mechanic Can Help You Diagnose Your Old Truck’s Problems

If you are a driver with an old truck, you might face difficulties in diagnosing its problems without spending a lot of money on professional repairs. However, a US Naval mechanic has come up with an effective solution that can help you out.

The expert technician recommends purchasing Foxwell’s NT301 OBD2 device, which can scan and translate the codes from your truck’s computer and reveal the issue’s location and nature.

The Importance of a Code Reader for Your Old Truck

In a video on TikTok, Thornne Wassermann (@trhea12) emphasized the importance of having a code reader for your old truck. He also noted that some drivers spend thousands of dollars on fancy code readers, which increases the likelihood of theft.

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However, he recommends Foxwell’s NT301 as an affordable and functional device that offers a range of features for its price.

Features of the Foxwell’s NT301 OBD2 Device

Thornne highlighted various features of the Foxwell’s NT301 OBD2 device, which includes:

  • Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Hookup
  • Live Data category
  • Checking emissions
  • Testing your truck’s oxygen levels, and more

Diagnostic Trouble Codes (DTC) Hookup

Thornne emphasizes the device’s favorite feature that allows drivers to take a code and receive a straightforward explanation of its meaning without spending time looking up the code’s meaning, which he considered time-consuming.

Live Data Category

Thornne demonstrated how the Live Data category helps you troubleshoot issues by checking all of your vehicle’s systems, and the screen displays real-time updates when you rev your engine.

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I/M [emissions] Feature

Thornne shined a spotlight on the code reader’s I/M [emissions] feature that shows your vehicle’s readiness, detects any problematic systems, and identifies if you’re dealing with DTCs. Moreover, I/M readiness feature gives users a button that transfers diagnostics data to their computer that they can print and bring to the mechanic to avoid unfair charges.

Pricing and Availability

You can get the Foxwell’s NT301 OBD2 device from Amazon for $69.99, a 20% discount from the original price.


Thornne is a professional mechanic employed by the US Navy, and he recommends Foxwell’s NT301 OBD2 device for drivers with old trucks that need to diagnose the vehicle’s problems efficiently.

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