Milei’s Inauguration: Schedules, Street Closures, and More


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Javier Milei’s Swearing-In Schedule and Celebrations on December 10

Javier Milei will be taking office as the new president of the Nation on December 10. The inauguration ceremony will begin at 11:30 at the Legislative Assembly, where Milei will take the oath of office. After the swearing-in, Milei will give his first speech on the steps of Congress. He will then travel to the Casa Rosada in an open-top car, followed by a reception for leaders, representatives, foreign delegations, and special guests. At 5:30 p.m., Milei will swear in the ministers who will accompany him in the administration. A cocktail will follow at 6:30 p.m., and an interreligious ceremony will take place at the Metropolitan Cathedral at 7 p.m. The day will conclude with a Gala Performance at the Teatro Colón at 8:30 p.m.

Milei’s swearing-in schedule includes various events throughout the day, starting with his departure from the Hotel Libertador at 10:30 a.m. and ending with the Gala Performance at the Teatro Colón at 8:30 p.m.

The Congress door is already crowded with followers of Javier Milei, eagerly awaiting his inauguration. The change of government brings perspectives and challenges for the labor market, as the economy stabilizes and the market opens up, potentially lowering prices of goods and services.

Followers of Milei have been holding a vigil at the door of Congress, waiting for the inauguration. The transition towards the stabilization of the economy will not be without immediate obstacles, given the high inflation rate and poverty rate in the country.

The street closures and changes in public transportation will be significant on the day of the inauguration. Security operations will be set up to limit traffic in the areas surrounding Parliament, the Casa Rosada, and the Teatro Colón.

Milei will assume the government with a fragmented Congress and party alliances that are being reconfigured. He will face the challenge of the anticipated omnibus law on structural reforms, as well as the support of allies to push through his economic and political measures.

Milei won the Presidency with the help of the hardline PRO sector and covert support from the dissident Peronism of the national government. However, he will face challenges in Congress, including resentments from disappointed forces and a Kirchnerist opposition.

With a strong profile against the State and in favor of commercial opening, Milei will take office with the promise of carrying out an important adjustment, the privatization of public companies, and the closure of the Central Bank. After an extensive campaign and a short but impressive political career, Milei will become the first libertarian national leader in history.

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