Milei criticizes governors and supports administration’s direction: “We’re willing to pay the political cost”


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Javier Milei has intensified his criticism of the governors after the Omnibus Law was blocked in the Chamber of Deputies. The President blamed the provincial leaders for betraying him and failing to secure the necessary votes for the key aspects of the comprehensive initiative. As a result, he decided to withdraw the project and begin a political and economic battle with the interior districts.

In a lengthy social media post, the President, who was in Rome to meet with Pope Francis, stated that the government had introduced a bill to the National Congress to restore freedom to Argentines. He emphasized that the bill reflected the country’s vision of a free society where citizens could live without bureaucratic interference. The President also criticized a group of politicians who he accused of maintaining their privileges and engaging in corrupt practices.

The President also announced his decision to publicly expose those who did not support his initiative, sharing a list of deputies who voted against the articles of the Base Law. He reiterated his commitment to continue along the same lines and criticized provincial leaders who opposed specific articles in the package of laws.

Furthermore, the President accused a group of politicians of maintaining the status quo in exchange for personal gain, mentioning automobile registrations, lithium concessions, and other businesses. He emphasized that his administration was committed to breaking the traditional political game and solving the problems of the Argentine people.

In conclusion, the President made it clear that his administration was not concerned about political costs or pressures from those who had previously harmed the country. He emphasized that the Argentine people knew which side his administration was on and that they would continue to pursue their goals.

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