Miguel Trillo’s Madrid ‘Movida’ Exhibit Brings New Flavor to Rome

Retrospective Exhibition Charts Spain’s Cultural Transformation in 1980’s

An exhibition of more than 60 photographs by artist Miguel Trillo opens this Friday at the Museum of Rome’s popular, bohemian Trastever neighborhood. Compiling snapshots of Madrid’s urban and liberal scene of the 1980s, the collection captures moments beyond the easily remembered artists and groups of the era such as Alaska, Pedro Almodovar, or Radio Futura.

“Now my work is considered vintage photography, but I think they are images like those of the present. In the generations after the Movida, new cultural movements continued to appear,” said Trillo to EFE. Trillo’s street wise and irreverent portraits sought to capture the fun typical of Madrid’s nightlife.

A small selection of books and other objects from the period are also featured in this cultural x-ray of an era characterized by unprecedented freedom and an ambition to break from the past after 4 decades of dictatorship. The exhibition opens this Friday with a speech from the Spanish Ambassador to Italy, Miguel Angel Fernandez-Palacios.

“It is good that we show a part of our closest past and how we have evolved to be a vanguard country, different from the one that came from the dictatorship, and that has become a full democracy with freedoms,” added the cultural counsellor Carlos Tercero.

The exhibition will be open until April 30, providing an opportunity to explore an integral period in Spain’s history.

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