Miguel Ángel Pichetto: “We’re ready to provide quorum and discuss the Omnibus Law”


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The president of the We Make Federal Coalition bloc has confirmed that his sector is ready to provide a quorum and debate the omnibus law on Tuesday. Deputy Miguel Ángel Pichetto, the president of the bloc, stated that his bench is willing to “give a quorum and debate” the Omnibus Law on Tuesday. He acknowledged that there are still disagreements that can be resolved in the particular vote, but his sector is ready to provide a quorum and debate.

This is a key decision, as the experienced parliamentarian represents a block of 23 deputies from various party extractions that are crucial to the tight accounts that the government is making. Pichetto addressed the central aspects of the negotiation of the initiative, but also referred to the issues that were left out of the Omnibus Law, such as the fiscal chapter, electoral reform, and articles such as the one that required permission to meet with more than three people.

The leader confirmed that the Federal Coalition will meet to finalize the position of each sector that makes up the block in the marathon session that is scheduled to be called for tomorrow. Political heavyweights converge on that bench, including Emilio Monzó, Nicolás Massot, deputies who respond to Elisa “Lilita” Carrió, Florencio Randazzo, Ricardo López Murphy, Margarita Stolbizer, and representatives of Santa Fe and Córdoba, who are aligned with Juan “Gringo” Schiaretti, among others.

Pichetto highlighted that the retirement aspect had confronted the Government with the Chamber of Deputies, which was not willing to establish a formula that resolved the problems that Alberto Fernández’s reform had generated. He also expressed regret that President Milei had chosen to withdraw the entire article without giving room for negotiation.

Pichetto placed the blame on Minister Caputo, with whom he maintains a counterpoint. He stated that a Minister of Economy has the duty to engage in dialogue and explain to the people where they are taking the country. He emphasized the need for dialogue to achieve fiscal balance for the Nation and the provinces.

In conclusion, Pichetto warned that the La Libertad Avanza government now has the mission of promoting a “reasonable and balanced” formula for retirees, taking into account the limits imposed by the Supreme Court. He also expressed concerns about changes linked to fishing activity and privatizations.

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