Migrant Camping Outside Randall’s Island Shelter


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Every night, approximately 3,000 migrants sleep in large heated tents on Randall Island, a small island with a view of Manhattan’s skyscrapers. However, as the number of migrants arriving in New York from the southern border of the United States continues to grow, there is not enough space in the Randall Island complex, the city’s largest shelter for asylum seekers. Some migrants have set up their own tents outside the complex due to lack of space and have exhausted their time in the official shelter system.

Eliana Trillo, a Venezuelan migrant, expressed the difficulty of sleeping in unauthorized camps during the cold winter nights. Nearby, migrants have set up a makeshift market to sell various items. Despite restrictions on cooking in the city’s shelters, some migrants have resorted to preparing food near public bathrooms.

New York, like other cities in the United States, has seen a large influx of migrants since 2022. The Randall Island complex, which includes sleeping and dining tents, has been the site of violent incidents, raising concerns about security. Migrants and their advocates have also complained about the lack of entertainment options on the isolated island.

Advocacy groups have criticized the city’s policies, claiming that they deliberately make life in migrant shelters unsustainable to discourage people from staying. The consequences of these policies are expected to have long-term effects on the mental and emotional well-being of migrants.

The New York City administration is considering measures to address the issues at the migrant shelters, including installing metal detectors and extending curfews. Despite the city’s “right to shelter” policy, which requires authorities to provide emergency housing to anyone who requests it, there are still long wait times for shelter beds.

As a result, migrants like Roberto Medina, a Mexican migrant, have resorted to sleeping on the subway after their time in the shelters has expired. The challenges faced by migrants in New York highlight the need for better support and resources to accommodate the growing number of arrivals.

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