Microsoft to Announce Additional Job Cuts this Wednesday

**Microsoft Announces Another Round of Extensive Layoffs**

On January 18, 2023, the main media in the country reported that Microsoft will announce another round of layoffs that are expected to affect 11,000 people. Last July, the technology giant notified 1% of its workforce, totaling around 180,000 employees, to begin its new fiscal year.

Tuesday marks the results of the second quarter of its 2023 financial year, which earned 17,556 million dollars in the first, 14% less than the last fiscal year. The high cost was a major factor in this decision.

In 2022 a thousand technology companies globally had to lay off 150,000 employees due to the “black November” after announcements from Amazon, Meta and Twitter signified reduced output – EFE 2023. Restribution and redistribution of all or part of Agencia EFE SA’s content is prohibited without prior and express consent.

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