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Microsoft Suffers Global Outage of Cloud Services

Microsoft Suffers Global Outage of Cloud Services

Microsoft Announces Global Cloud Services Disruption Resolved

Microsoft announced on Wednesday afternoon (Central European Time) that it has addressed the global disruption in its cloud services which began earlier in the day and affected services like Teams work communication, Outlook.com email and the Xbox video game network.

After several hours of anomalies recorded, Microsoft identified a network configuration change as the cause of the error and promptly reverted the faulty update. Microsoft reported on its information page about the status of its systems that services were back online late morning (CET) and added in a Twitter tweet that it believes the global glitch has been fixed.

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A spokesperson confirmed that the glitch was caused by a network configuration error which caused the services to disrupt communication with each other through cloud computing. Microsoft is confident that the issue has now been resolved and will continue to monitor its systems for any possible issues. (affp, Microsoft)

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