Mexico’s López Obrador: More Democracy than US – Blinken Responds


Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador (AMLO) has strongly criticized the US State Department’s statement on the demonstrations that took place in the center of the capital on February 26. The protests were in response to the electoral reform proposed by AMLO, which was met with widespread opposition.

AMLO accused the US of continuing the two-century-old policy of “feeling like the world’s government”, a reference to the Monroe Doctrine. He also expressed his dissatisfaction with the State Department’s statement on the demonstrations, which called for the defense of the independence of electoral bodies in the country.

The ‘Plan B’ reform proposed by the president modifies the structure of the National Electoral Institute (INE). It reduces the budget allocated to the organization, reduces the number of active personnel in the territory, and modifies the current legislation on government propaganda, allowing greater freedom in the use of public funds for political advertising.

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Opposition voices in Mexico have expressed concern about the reform, claiming that it endangers the country’s young democracy. AMLO, however, dismissed the claims and accused the opposition of being controlled by the right-wing parties.

In addition, AMLO took the opportunity to express his disgust at an alleged US intervention in the political crisis in Peru. He said that the US should deal with what is happening in Peru, where the US ambassador is reportedly advising the coup plotters.

AMLO’s criticism of the US State Department’s statement on the demonstrations in Mexico shows the president’s dissatisfaction with the US policy of intervening in the internal affairs of other countries. It also highlights the importance of defending the independence of electoral bodies in Mexico and the need to ensure a healthy democracy.

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