Mexican Film “Totem” to Compete for Golden Bear at Berlinale

Mexican film “Totem” part of Berlinale selection

The Mexican film “Tótem”, by Lila Avilés, will be competing for the Golden Bear at the 73rd edition of the Berlinale, which will start on February 16th. This was announced on Monday (01.23.2023) by the artisitic director of the festival, Carlo Charian.

“Tótem” is the only Latin American film being selected for the official section. The film talks about family, loss and tenderness and has a children’s theme related to the first film in competition presented today, the Spanish film “20,000 species of bees” by Estíbaliz Urresola Solaguren.

Three Latin American films will also be screened in the Generation section dedicated to the children’s and youth genre, the festival organization reported last week. These include the French-Italian-Argentine co-production “Almamula” by Juan Sebastian Torales, Uruguayan-Argentine co-production “Desperté con un sueño” by Pablo Solarz as well as the Dominican documentary “Ramona” by Victoria Linares!

Aside from these, four Spanish, one Chilean, one Mexican and one Brazilian film will be part of the Panorama section and three Argentine, one Cuban, one Brazilian and Austro-Spanish co-production are the 28 titles of the Forum section, dedicated to experimental cinema.

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