#MeToo Movement Makes Gains in Italy Despite ‘Culturally Backward’ Opinions

The fight against gender violence and sexual abuse arrives in Italy in a time of #MeToo

A group of 30 people, all professionals from the creative world, founded the group Amleta in 2020, when the confine began. This group, from the beginning of the year, has made daily headlines in the Italian press with revelations and uncomfortable experiences suffered by actresses from all over the world.

The first wave of #MeToo failed to achieve success in 2017, but Amleta has managed what the first wave could not. The Italian media is finally paying attention to the misogyny present in circles of the creative and powerful.

The Italian Minister of Culture raised the “hypothesis” of denying public subsidies to productions that have cases of abuse. Since then, dozens of women, veterans and young people, have dared to publicly recount their experiences.

Fioretta Mari, an actress and director, claims to have suffered more than thirty attempts of abuse throughout her career. Pamela Villoresi, the current director of the Teatro Stabile Biondo di Palermo, claims that she has lost numerous jobs for the “favorites” of politicians who control Italian public television, and that it still happens today.

“Fear” has accompanied many Italian actresses, directors and models for decades, claims Cinzia Spanò, head of Amleta, in an interview with EFE. She says that Italy is a “macho country and culturally backward”.

The Spanish actress Sara Rosa Losilla, after touring with La Fura dels Baus and participating in fiction, decided to try her luck in the Italian theater eleven years ago. Despite her good resume, she tries to develop her work in environments “where there is no possibility of coming into contact with certain characters”.

The Spanish culture and Italian culture have similarities, but in the last decade, many steps for the promotion of equality have been taken in Spain, according to Losilla. On the other hand, in Italy, the press and politicians allow themselves certain comments and attitudes that would not be allowed in Spain, not without consequences.

#MeToo has finally arrived in Italy, and it promises to bring with it changes in the world of Arts, entertainment and politics.

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