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Are you a fan of Autobots and Decepticons? If so, the Metal Car Sticker Autobot Auto Emblem and Decepticon Auto Emblem might be the perfect way to show your allegiance. Made of metal, these emblems are a great addition to any car, adding a touch of personality and style. The Autobot emblem measures 1.57*1.57 inches, while the Decepticon emblem measures 1.57*1.38 inches, making them suitable for various car models.

One of the standout features of these emblems is their easy installation. They come with strong adhesion, ensuring that they stay securely in place once applied to your vehicle. The metal construction adds a premium feel and ensures durability, allowing the emblems to withstand various weather conditions without losing their luster.

Customers have praised the quality and appearance of these emblems, with many expressing satisfaction with their purchase. One customer mentioned that the emblem worked amazingly, fitting perfectly and boasting great stickiness. Another customer highlighted that the emblem has survived a car crash without any scratches, showcasing its durability.

However, some users have pointed out minor drawbacks. One customer noted that the small size of the emblem might be too small for a car decal, while another mentioned that the adhesive doesn’t have enough contact with the back of the emblem, causing it not to stick properly.

Overall, the Metal Car Sticker Autobot Auto Emblem and Decepticon Auto Emblem are a great choice for fans of the Transformers franchise. They offer a high-quality, durable, and stylish way to personalize your vehicle. While there are some concerns about size and adhesion, the majority of customers are pleased with their purchase, making these emblems a worthwhile addition to any car.

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