Meta removes Khamenei’s Instagram and Facebook accounts


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Meta, the company behind social networks Instagram and Facebook, has removed the accounts of Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, due to “repeated violations” of its content regulations. A spokesperson for the company confirmed that the accounts were eliminated for violating the policy on Dangerous Organizations and Individuals, which aims to prevent harm from occurring offline.

According to Meta’s policy, the company does not allow the presence of any organization or person that proclaims a violent objective or participates in violent actions. This includes the glorification, support, and representation of dangerous organizations and individuals involved in terrorism, organized hatred, large-scale criminal activity, attempted violent acts against multiple victims, violence against several people, and serial murders.

While Meta has not specified the exact violations committed by Khamenei, there have been numerous requests for the company to delete his accounts due to his support for attacks carried out by the Movement of Islamic Resistance (Hamas) against Israel on October 7. Khamenei has also justified the actions of Palestinian armed groups and the attacks carried out by Houthi rebels from Yemen against ships in the Red Sea. Additionally, he has harshly criticized Israel and the United States for their military offensive against the Gaza Strip.

The removal of Khamenei’s accounts has sparked discussions about the role of social media platforms in regulating content and preventing the spread of harmful ideologies. It also raises questions about the responsibility of these platforms in addressing political and social issues that have global implications.

Some argue that Meta’s decision to remove Khamenei’s accounts is a necessary step to prevent the spread of violent and extremist ideologies. Others, however, criticize the company for potentially silencing voices and limiting freedom of speech, especially in the context of political and social conflicts.

The situation also highlights the challenges faced by social media companies in enforcing content regulations across different countries and cultures. The actions of political leaders and influential figures on these platforms can have significant impacts on public opinion and international relations, making it crucial for companies like Meta to carefully consider their approach to content moderation.

Overall, the removal of Khamenei’s accounts by Meta has sparked important discussions about the role of social media in shaping global discourse and the challenges of regulating content in a diverse and interconnected world. It remains to be seen how social media companies will continue to navigate these complex issues in the future.

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