Messenger Adds WhatsApp-Style Encryption to its Platform

**Facebook Messenger Gets End-To-End Encryption Feature**

Facebook has finally released end-to-end encryption in its messaging app, Messenger. This security feature ensures that all messages sent across the platform remain encrypted from the sender’s terminal to the recipient’s ones. This means even social network workers can’t decipher the code of the messages sent.

Apart from end-to-end encrypted chats, Messenger is also introducing some new features such as personalized reactions and chat topics. It also has group profile photos, which users can customize for their different groups.

Moreover, an innovative link preview feature has been applied in the app. It allows users to see the link’s exact destination before they click on it.

Facebook’s new end-to-end encryption feature in Messenger makes communicating with users more secure and safer. This will be a great boon, especially for users who want to talk to social network friends but only have contact on the Internet.

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