Mercedes’ Year: An Interesting Outlook


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Fernando Alonso has been making headlines as the new Formula 1 season kicks off. As a world champion without a contract, he has been focusing on his future and the departure of Lewis Hamilton to Ferrari, which has opened up many possibilities for the upcoming season.

One of the potential scenarios is the Mercedes season, with an established driver like George Russell, who is a friend of Alonso, and Hamilton leaving for Ferrari. If Hamilton doesn’t start the season well, his position at Mercedes could weaken over time.

In a recent interview with Formula 1, Alonso expressed his surprise at Hamilton’s decision to leave Mercedes, as he seemed very committed to the team. He also mentioned that it will be interesting to see how the team performs this year without Hamilton.

Alonso’s former manager, Flavio Briatore, recently surprised him with an unexpected breakfast in Monaco. This sparked speculation, especially after a photo of Briatore and Toto Wolff, the head of Mercedes, was published with both of them smiling. Briatore and Alonso had a similar experience in 2006 when Alonso announced his move to McLaren in 2007. Despite this, Alonso had a successful season with several consecutive victories.

Reflecting on his past experiences, Alonso recalled that there was a point in the season when the team stopped informing him about their plans for the next season and withheld information about the following year’s car. This is something that he believes is inevitable in the world of Formula 1.

As the new season unfolds, Alonso’s focus remains on his future and the potential changes in the dynamics of the sport. With Hamilton’s departure and the rise of young talents like Russell, the upcoming season promises to be an exciting one for Formula 1 fans.

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