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Mercadona lowers the price of the most special delicatessen of all its supermarkets

Mercadona prepares for a summer full of novelties, some of which, such as this Ferrero flavored ice cream already Nutellathey are already sweeping, but also we cannot forget the price’s drop that it is applying to many of its products and among which is now the best of all. Take note, because Mercadona has lowered the price of the most special delicatessen of all its supermarkets.

Mercadona lowers the price of its delicatessen

Mercadona has made its “Bosses” happy as it has announced that it is lowering its best delicatessen: the Caprichos Hake croquettes deep-frozen. This is a product that was already highly appreciated by Mercadona customers, who praised its flavor and quality. However, now they can enjoy these delicious croquettes at an even more affordable price.

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Caprices of Hacendado frozen hake croquettes are a Mercadona specialty that are made with hake, onion, water, flour, butter, milk and a batter made from wheat flour, starch and rice flour, among others . Its flavor is exquisite and its creamy texture, which makes it the perfect appetizer for any occasion. Furthermore, its format deep-frozen allows to preserve all its properties and flavor for a longer time.

Mercadona discount

A few bites of hake in the form of a croquette that also can be done in the fashionable household appliance: the air fryer or air fryer, where you can add the directly frozen croquettes and cook at 200 ºC for 6 minutes.

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You can also do them in the frying panwith plenty of oil (that is hot), in the fryer conventional (180°C for 4 minutes) or en oven at 190 ºC for 10 minutes.

They are easy to make and they are delicious, so if you have not tried them yet, the time has come to do so since you can now enjoy a quality product at a more affordable price since the 350 gram bag will now cost you only 2.50 euros. In addition, this discount is part of Mercadona’s policy of offering low prices and quality products to its customers.

In short, the sale of the frozen Hacendado caprice hake croquettes is an excellent opportunity to enjoy a product that is perfect for an aperitif or also to accompany a summer dinner. Don’t hesitate and run to your nearest Mercadona to try the delicious caprices of hake croquettes Deep-frozen farmer. You will not regret!.

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