Memphis showcases super class in Atlético match


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Memphis had a great game, scoring six goals in just over 500 minutes. He also made a nice stretch to deny Javi Guerra a goal and has three clean sheets. Memphis is showing why he is one of the best right backs in the world with his control in the rival area and his assistance to his teammates.

There was some concern when Memphis retired with signs of injury, but he returned to the starting lineup eleven months later and showed that his defensive capacity remains intact. He also attacked again and again, scoring his sixth goal of the season and demonstrating his ability to manage a team at will.

Mamardashvili scored two goals, and Memphis served the ball from his own field with which Lino opened the account. He also gave another assist to Griezmann before scoring a goal himself. He rounded off his performance with a self-pass and a shot with the outside.

Giménez also had a strong performance, showing calmness and confidence throughout the game. He barely had any opportunities to join the Memphis feast but managed to star in some gallops. He did receive an avoidable yellow card in the little more than ten minutes he was on the field.

Overall, the team showed great mastery in rotating players to give breaks, maintain competitiveness, and take advantage of the good moment in Memphis. The team’s performance was a great example of how to manage a team at will.

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