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Juan Gallardo Thurlow is one of the top 50 richest men in Mexico. The list of Mexican millionaires is led by individuals who have made their fortunes in various industries such as telecommunications, infrastructure, mining, retail, banking, and entertainment. However, business opportunities in Mexico are not limited to these areas. Many other businessmen have amassed considerable wealth in the food and beverage sector.

Juan Gallardo Thurlow’s fortune has been estimated at $414 million in 2023, placing him at 43rd place on the Forbes list. In 2016, his fortune reached $650 million, and although he has not repeated this feat since then, he has remained one of the richest men in the country.

Gallardo Thurlow is the president of the Board of Directors of Cultiba, which includes Grupo Azucarero México (GAM) and the GEPP bottling company. GEPP is the exclusive bottler of PepsiCo brand products in Mexico, and it also produces its own brands. The company operates through 44 bottling plants in Mexico, producing a variety of beverages such as water, soft drinks, juices, tea, ice cream, flavored waters, and isotonic drinks.

One of the key events in the history of Gallardo Thurlow’s company was the acquisition of the GEPP bottling company in 1986. Cultiba owns 51% of the share capital of Grupo GEPP, making it the majority shareholder above Pepsico (20%). The company’s association with Pepsico has played a significant role in its growth, and a joint investment with Pepsico and Polmex in 2011 further contributed to its consolidation.

In 2012, the company sold 793.1 million eight-ounce boxes of carbonated and non-carbonated drinks, demonstrating its success in the beverage industry. Additionally, Gallardo Thurlow’s companies are involved in the production of large quantities of sugar and derived products. Grupo Azucarero México, part of Cultiba, has a high capacity for processing sugar cane, with three sugar mills located in Jalisco, Michoacán, and Sinaloa, and partial ownership of another mill in Tabasco.

Gallardo Thurlow is not only a successful businessman but also serves on the boards of directors of Grupo Financiero Santander and Caterpillar. He has also been a director of Tenaris Tamsas, Grupo Aeropuertario del Pacífico (GAP), Banco Montreal, Bombardier, and Lafarge. In 1994, he participated as a negotiator of the North American Free Trade Agreement through the Coordinator of Foreign Trade Business Organizations (COECE).

In conclusion, Juan Gallardo Thurlow has built a successful business empire in Mexico, with interests in the beverage and sugar industries, as well as involvement in various other sectors. His wealth and influence have solidified his position as one of the country’s richest individuals.

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