McDonald’s CEO promises larger burgers coming soon


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McDonald’s CEO has announced that the fast-food chain plans to add bigger burgers to its menu. This comes after the announcement that the company will open 9,000 new locations worldwide.

Chris Kempczinski, the CEO of McDonald’s, revealed that the company is working on adding larger burgers to its menu. He stated that this is an opportunity for McDonald’s in the US and in markets around the world.

Currently, a McDonald’s hamburger patty weighs 1.6 ounces and comes on a standard bun that is around four inches in diameter. The Big Mac, which is made with two 1.6-ounce patties served on a three-slice sesame seed bun, is one of the chain’s most popular items.

McDonald’s has already been working on improving its staple menu items. The company recently announced a plan to overhaul how its burgers are cooked. This will involve more than 50 modifications throughout the burger-flipping process.

The new initiative aims to make the burgers juicier by cooking six patties at a time instead of eight. The Big Mac will also be getting more sauce, and the bun will be swapped with a buttery brioche alternative with sesame seeds more randomly scattered to give a home-style look, among other tweaks.

In addition to juicier burgers and higher-quality buns, McDonald’s executives say they’re also catching wind of requests for a more sizable offering. They plan to serve larger burgers in limited markets before rolling it out more broadly across its 40,000-plus locations worldwide.

McDonald’s is also planning to expand its number of locations and increase its loyalty program members by 100 million by 2027. The company has projected a net new restaurant growth of 4% in 2024, which will increase to 5% in the years following. This expansion plan will require a capital spending of about $2.5 billion in 2024 alone.

Most of the new locations will be in the US, with other new locations set to open in international markets such as Canada, France, and Australia. McDonald’s also hopes to increase its loyalty program members to 250 million 90-day active users.

Overall, McDonald’s is looking to the future with plans for bigger burgers, more locations, and an expanded loyalty program. These changes are part of the company’s strategy to remain competitive and meet the demands of its customers.

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