Mazón urges PSPV to “be brave” and “not be silent” to demand leveling fund from Montero


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On January 16, 2024, Carlos Mazón, the president of the Generalitat, held a press conference at the Palau de la Generalitat in Valencia, Spain. During the conference, Mazón discussed the situation of the public sector of the Generalitat.

Mazón urged the PSPV-PSOE to “be brave” and not remain silent when demanding the leveling bottom from the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero. He referred to the minister’s words and criticized the PSPV for not demanding debt forgiveness.

He expressed frustration with the rejection of the leveling fund by the government of Spain, despite it being included in an investiture agreement signed just a few weeks ago. Mazón criticized the PSPV for not standing up for the leveling fund and demanded that they be brave.

Mazón emphasized the importance of equalizing the resources of the Valencian Community and advocated for being forceful in demanding the leveling fund. He stressed that the fund is essential for public health, social services, and public education.

During an event in Alicante, Mazón reiterated his demand for the leveling fund and new financing, stating that the Valencian Community has been at a disadvantage for too long. He emphasized that the fund is necessary to address inequality and protect public services.

Mazón called for coherence and emphasized the need to prioritize public health. He urged for a strong stance in demanding the leveling fund and new financing, stating that reason and data support their cause. He concluded by emphasizing the importance of standing up for equality and public health.

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