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Mazón calls on the undecided to vote for the PP: Let’s not divide efforts because it takes us away from change

The candidate of People’s Party to preside over the Generalitat Valenciana Carlos Mazon has made this Friday one last appeal to the undecided to vote for the PP in the local and regional elections this Sunday. Mazón has asked that «let’s not divide efforts because that keeps us from the change we deserve».

Mazón has closed an intense electoral campaign in the city of Valencia with the candidate for mayor Maria Jose Catalawhich is, in turn, head of the list of the Valencian Courts in that province, and with Esteban González Pons, Deputy Secretary of Programs of the Feijóo PP. After the act, the PP of Valencia has deployed a 300-meter canvas with the image of Catalá in the Plaza del Ayuntamiento.

Then, Mazón has closed the campaign in Alicante with the candidate for the City Council Luis Barcala. An act attended by three of the until now councilors of Ciudadanos.

The candidate popular a la Generalitat has toured the Valencian Community in these 15 days from north to south and from east to west conveying the message of the need for change to put an end to eight years of government by the left. And he has done it, in all that time, with a phrase that has been his electoral motto: «The change we deserve».

In that time, he has not only emphasized the shortcomings of the current Valencian government, chaired by the socialist Ximo Puig, but also a battery of initiatives that he will launch: a Tax reduction for all Valenciansreforms to rebuild the chaotic Valencian public health, senior citizen policy, social policies and thinning of the Administration, among other issues.

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This Friday, at the close of the campaign in Valencia, where the votes for its city council will be decisive for the future of the Generalitat, Mazón’s intervention has also had three key moments. One, when he has expressed his desire to “make a public call to each and every one of those who today may be doubting who to vote for.” And to all of them he has addressed to assure them: «Do not doubt Do not have any doubt: the only option for change is the Popular Party». To add that “we are waiting for you to add, because the sum multiplies”. Finally, he has asked that “we do not divide efforts, because that takes us away from the change that people deserve.”

Another of the moments is when he explained that «we are not looking forward to the 28th at night for the count. Those are not our wishes. It is not the desire for the party, the celebration, the hugs ». The desire, he has said, «are those of Monday morning. I really want to take María José Catalá’s arm and say: we are going to open the riverbed to the sea».

And, the third, when he took stock to explain: “We have built a united, strong party.” To ensure, almost immediately afterward, that «I I am at the service of the project that my Community needswhich necessarily passes through the great capital, the great mirror that the Valencian Community needs, which is called herself: María José Catalá y Valencia ».

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For her part, María José Catalá has made it clear that “those who trust us know that we are going to do what we have said, that no one is going to condition us, because we We rule for everyone, we are above ideologies».


In Alicante, Carlos Mazón has closed the campaign with the candidate popular to the mayor’s office Luis Barcala before a packed auditorium. Barcala has requested that the 28M «no one stay home».

Barcala has emphasized that the Alicante PP will have more than 500 interveners and proxies and it will be the only one that is represented in all the electoral tables of the city. And he has appreciated the collaboration that both his own government team and the militants and supporters of the PP have given him in these four years of government.

Carlos Mazón has revealed in this act in Alicante that throughout the electoral campaign he has traveled 7,000 kilometers and has addressed the attendees with a phrase that has received the applause of the attendees: «It will be a pride to be the first Herculean president of the Valencian Community».

He also said that “If you want Alicante, your place is the Popular Party». And he recalled that “if it had been for the Generalitat Valenciana” the Alicante Conference Center would not have been installed, nor would the consumption bonus or aid for covid, the self-employed and vulnerable families “at the worst moment”. And he has announced that the “ninguneo” from the Generalitat to Alicante “ends on Monday.” Mazón has expressly asked to close the event with the hymns of Alicante, Valencian Community and Spain.

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Ximo Puig’s brother

But in his speech he also dedicated time to the case of Ximo Puig’s brother. Mazón has said that “the brother thing is a phenomenon. Wherever Puig is, the brother takes the subsidy». He recalled that Ximo Puig was mayor of Morella for 15 years and that this Town Hall was “the only place” where Francis Puig received subsidies at that time.

Also, he has said that since 2015, when Ximo Puig agreed to the Generalitat Valenciana, his brother received subsidies from that Administration, “but also, from the Morella City Council, because Puig left a friend there to continue collecting. nothing, four things 400 invoices without contract. nonsense», said Mazon.

The minister’s joke

Mazón has stated, also around this issue of case of Ximo Puig’s brother, that he was recently reminded of the “minister’s joke”, which, according to what he has related, is that of a son who teaches his mother his grades and they have all failed him, in contrast to his brother, who has passed everything brilliantly. The mother praises the brother who has gotten good grades to make the son see that he has gotten bad grades: “Your brother is going to go far, at least to become a minister,” to which the other son replies: “Mom, do you think it’s not enough to end up being the minister’s brother?».

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