Mazatlán Weather Forecast for January 16 Before Leaving Home


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Before you leave home, it’s important to know the temperature, probability of rain, cloudiness, and UV rays for the day. In Mazatlán, the weather forecast for January 16 is as follows:

The probability of rain is 0% during the day and 0% at night. Cloudiness will be at 95% during the day and 100% at night. The temperature is expected to reach a maximum of 27 degrees and a minimum of 12 degrees. UV rays are forecast to reach a level of up to 2, and wind gusts will reach 33 kilometers per hour during the day and 24 kilometers per hour at night.

Mazatlán, located in Sinaloa, has a tropical semi-humid dry-rainy climate with an average annual temperature of 26 degrees. The climate is warm from December to February, and there is precipitation between July and October. The city may also be affected by storm and hurricane season between June and November, although these events are more common on the west side of the California peninsula.

Mexico is known for its biodiversity and varied climates. The country is home to 12% of the world’s species, with 12,000 of them being endemic. Due to its geographical location, Mexico experiences a wide range of climates, from tropical to temperate. The highest parts of Chihuahua can reach temperatures as low as -30 degrees, while the Mexicali desert can reach up to 50 degrees.

The country has warm rainy, warm-humid, warm sub-humid, dry, temperate, and semi-desert climates. The average weather in the country is 19 degrees, but there are cities where temperatures can be extreme. For example, San Luis Río Colorado reached a record high of 58.5 degrees, while the lowest temperature was recorded at -25 degrees.

Experts predict that Mexico will experience a decrease in annual rainfall and a considerable increase in temperatures due to climate change. This has already had major impacts on farmers and ranchers, as well as an increase in environmental contingencies in major cities like CDMX and Monterrey.

In conclusion, knowing the weather forecast and understanding the climate of a region is important for planning your day and being prepared for any weather conditions. Whether it’s a sunny day in Mazatlán or extreme temperatures in other parts of Mexico, being informed about the weather can help you make the most of your day.

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