HomeBusinessMayeli Alonso dismisses Lupillo Rivera and incidentally brings up Doña Rosa

Mayeli Alonso dismisses Lupillo Rivera and incidentally brings up Doña Rosa

Mayeli Alonso dismisses Lupillo Rivera and incidentally brings up Doña Rosa

Mayeli Alonso continues to be in scandal after scandal, because after it was rumored that she was dating the boxer Andy Ruiz and they were caught arriving together at the airport, despite the fact that the fighter was married, now the businesswoman drew her sword and this time she did it against Mrs. Rosa and Lupillo Rivera, showing that they have something to give and distribute.


And it is that the influencer also spoke about how they have criticized her for this relationship, well, remember that it has been said that she was “the third in discord” in Andy’s marriage, but both have dedicated themselves to denying this version, so she took advantage of a interview that they did to him to go out and clarify all these issues and even release what he thinks about his ex and the one who was his mother-in-law.

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ALL THE DETAILS! Mayeli Alonso’s ex joins the side of the victims in the midst of an infidelity scandal

Regarding the fact that he gave the master of the recording of a musical theme to his ex Giselle Soto, he said: “He has always used that strategy of giving songs away. He did it with me, with his ex, with my daughter. I think it’s more of a marketing strategy. That song has already been dedicated to others.

But not only that, Alonso also brought up the subject of Chiquis’s grandmother, since it has been said on several occasions that Jenni Rivera’s mother and Mayeli do not get along. So the former contestant of La Casa de los Famosos went directly to the one who was the wife of Don Pedro Rivera and bluntly said what she thinks of her.

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“Doña Rosa loves me and hates me. I believe… My relationship with her is one of love. I think she put things in her and she thinks badly of me. In fact, I love her very much and respect her. She is the grandmother of my children, I experienced very beautiful things and, if she is seeing me from here, Doña Rosa, I love her very much, even if you do not love me… ”, Alonso said.

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HAVE YOU SEEN THEM? Mayeli Alonso and the boxer Andy Ruiz are caught together in the middle of an infidelity scandal

Finally, Mayeli denied Lupillo, after the singer’s accusations, and denied that she did not want to have given him a divorce, “He would like that. He would have wanted that… Perhaps she still had the illusion that she would not sign the divorce… But no, I did sign the divorce… We are like brothers. Those who fight and I get angry sometimes… It’s okay, let them say what they want, but I am divorced. She spread lies there…”

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