Mateu Alemany’s Departure from Barcelona: The Reasons Behind it


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Mateu Alemany, the Director of Football at Barcelona, will be leaving his position in the coming days, expected to do so on September 1 or 2 after the summer market has ended. This decision comes as the arrival of Deco has been officially confirmed, with Deco now at the Barça facilities. The question on everyone’s mind is why Mateu is leaving. The answer is simple – he was not willing to take a backseat after the club informed him that Deco would be leading the sports field. Although offered another position at the club, Mateu rejected it.

Deco had set a condition to come to Barcelona, that he be in charge of sports management. This condition was not met a little over a year ago, leading to the current situation. Another reason for Mateu’s departure is the strategic turn that Laporta wanted to give to the sports department. Alemany, Jordi Cruyff, and Xavi had formed a strong and supportive trident that made sporting decisions for the first team, limiting the president and the Board’s influence. Deco’s appointment is meant to change this balance and give the president more control.

With the signing of Deco, Laporta regains strength within the club. The coach, although strong, will now have to agree much more on decisions when it comes to reinforcing the first team. This market could see the rejection of the Board’s recommendation to sign Rúben Neves, for example. It remains to be seen if the coach can continue to make decisions independently.

Alemany’s intention to leave for Aston Villa a few months ago, which was ultimately frustrated, has also influenced his decision to step down. The club understands that this could happen again at any time and the sporting structure could be affected, which is why they have given power to Deco.

In conclusion, Mateu Alemany’s departure from Barcelona’s Director of Football position is a result of the club’s decision to give Deco more control over sports management and to regain strength within the club. This decision also takes into account Alemany’s previous intention to leave for Aston Villa, which could potentially affect the club’s sporting structure.

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