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Marvel Unveils Exciting Arrival of New Avengers!

Marvel Studios has announced the arrival of the New Avengers. The CEO of Disney, Bob Iger, confirmed that the UCM (Marvel Cinematic Universe) will have a new squad of superheroes in their great franchise. The executive mentioned this important change for Earth’s Mightiest Heroes while speaking at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Conference.

According to Iger, there is nothing wrong with the Marvel Studios brand, but Disney needs to look at what characters and stories it is pulling for future projects. He also stated that the trajectory of the MCU in the next five years will have a lot of firsts. “We’re going back to the Avengers franchise with a whole new set of superheroes, for example,” said Iger.

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However, the executive did not name any character who would be part of the new staff of the New Avengers. The MCU already has a history of introducing big changes, and Marvel Studios executive Stephen Broussard has spoken on the subject. He commented that he thought one of Phase 4’s metanarratives focused on newer characters and baton passing.

The baton-passing phenomenon is like a new generation stepping up, something that has always happened in comics, Broussard said. After these first 10 years of stories, the batons are passing, like with Robert Downey Jr., who is no longer at the table.

The New Avengers signify a generational change in the superhero universe. The UCM will undergo a total renovation in the superhero section. Marvel Studios plans to introduce a new set of superheroes in the Avengers franchise, and it will be exciting to see which characters will make the cut.

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Disney’s plans for the MCU in the next five years include a lot of firsts, and the idea of introducing new characters to take up the mantles of beloved heroes is an exciting one. Fans can expect more surprises and changes in the coming years as the MCU expands and continues to tell new and exciting stories.



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