Marvel Reveals New Details on Thunderbolts As ‘Sort of a Sequel’ to Black Widow

Marvel Reveals New Details on Thunderbolts As ‘Sort of a Sequel’ to Black Widow

Andy Park reveals clues about the future of Marvel Studios with the arrival of Thunderbolts in 2024

Andy Park, executive of Marvel Studios, has shared recently released clues about a highly anticipated upcoming film – Thunderbolts. The popular animated Cartoonist has ensured that the movie will have connections with the Black Widow, which was released last year.

The Marvel’s Black Widow movie featured Scarlett Johanssen and was a prequel to explicate Natasha’s past as well as to introduce new characters like Yelena Belova, who has been seen in the Hawkeye and will be a central character in the upcoming Thunderbolts movie, alongside other characters like Taskmaster and US Agent.

Through an Instagram post sharing Black Widow’s official art book, Park has confirmed that the “Thunderbolts movie will be like a sequel to the Black Widow and these stories will be connected”.

The director at Marvel Studios also joked about how “It’s going to get interesting”, hinting that the teaser for the 2024 movie is something that Marvelites should look forward to. Although the official plot is still under-wraps, some reports say that Red Guardian and Valentina Allegra de Fontaine, who were part of Black Widow movie, will return for the Thunderbolts.

In his statement, Park did not specify how the events of Black Widow and Thunderbolts are related but expressed optimism in the upcoming movie which is scheduled to roll out in theatres on July 26, 2024.

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