Martín Villa defends transition, claims justice proves him right on 1978 events


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Former minister Rodolfo Martín Villa has been vindicated by the Argentine justice system in relation to the events that occurred during the Sanfermines of 1978. He has highlighted that the transition was a success and has expressed his satisfaction with fulfilling his duty. This was indicated in statements to the media before participating in the presentation of the book ‘The Improvement of the jurisdiction: the house of the Navarrese people’, by the former president of the Provincial Council of Navarra Jaime Ignacio del Burgo, organized by the Pompaelo association.

Del Burgo pointed out that the Improvement was “an extraordinary event for Navarra” and Martín Villa “was decisive in the entire transition for Navarra to be what it is today.” He claimed that Martín Villa had “a determining and leading role in the transition.” He negotiated with the Communist Party for Carrillo’s arrival in Spain, the electoral law, and the amnesty law. He played a key role in the development and promotion of the first law that was made in the Cortes after the general elections of June 15.

The Improvement was an agreement with the State, of harmony, of consensus. The majority, specifically, 49 of the 70 parliamentarians, voted in favor. UPN at first did not see it, but he immediately rectified it because he realized that this was the way for Navarra. Before the presentation, a rally called by the ‘Sanfermines 78: gogoan!’ platform took place to reject the presence of Martín Villa in the city, whom he considers “the most politically responsible for the police aggression suffered” during the Sanfermines of 1978.

The platform criticized Martín Villa for being a Francoist and a member of the Spanish Falange since his youth. Before the event, there was a brief scuffle, since during the media coverage an attendee asked Martín Villa about some statements he made as Minister of the Interior that in his opinion were “out of place.” Martín Villa responded that “it was not like that.” Del Burgo described as “truly infamous” the rally called by the platform to protest the presence of the former minister in Pamplona.

Martín Villa stated that “I am the only living former minister of the three governments that were established in Spain from the death of Franco until the Constitution, and I understand that this makes it, in certain circumstances, an objective.” He emphasized that “the Argentine justice system has ruled me right until today”, and has shown “in addition to the peace of mind that it gives me to have fulfilled what I believed was my duty, the peace of mind that I have also won.

In response to whether he “understands” the protests of these platforms, Martín Villa has stated that “the dissatisfaction or anger or reaction of a family member regarding a person who has been the victim of shots fired by the police or the Civil Guard, I understand it.” perfectly”. He claimed that he understands the anger but does not understand the complaint. He expressed his satisfaction with speaking out despite the controversy.

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