Marlaska: Rural Protests Decreasing, Essential Services Operating


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The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has stated that the protests by the primary sector in various parts of the country have decreased on their third day and that essential services are functioning properly. He also assured that the right to demonstrate is being guaranteed and that logistics centers and essential public services are carrying out their work correctly.

Grande-Marlaska expressed his gratitude for the work carried out by the State Security Forces and Bodies, the National Police, the Civil Guard, as well as the regional and local police. He emphasized the importance of ensuring that the right to demonstrate is upheld while also allowing the rest of society to go about their lives with sufficient guarantees and that public services are duly guaranteed.

The minister highlighted the government’s commitment to dialogue with all affected sectors in order to resolve issues and ensure that society can enjoy peace. He emphasized the importance of working and dialoguing to resolve all issues while maintaining peace in society.

As of noon on the third day of road and tractor blockades throughout Spain, the number of arrests for the protests in the agricultural sector has risen to 19, according to the provisional balance of the Ministry of the Interior. Additionally, there have been 2,700 identified individuals to be sanctioned and almost 5,000 administrative complaints. These numbers indicate the scale of the protests and the impact they are having on the country.

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