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Mario Picazo has bad news: the worst weather forecast for Spain

Mario Picazo has bad news, the worst weather forecast for Spain arrives, a DANA “Isolated Depression at High Levels” is coming, also known as a cold drop. This phenomenon is one of the most dangerous at the meteorological level. It can put at risk a population that is exposed to a series of torrential rains that can fall in a few minutes. A danger that this famous meteorologist is responsible for highlighting, to prevent damage to populations that can see the arrival of water in a destructive way. This is the worst weather forecast for Spain by Mario Picazo.

The worst weather forecast for Spain comes from Mario Picazo

He famous meteorologist Mario Picazo prepares for the worst in a few days in which the phenomenon known as DANA can make an appearance. These days we have seen how the Valencian Community broke all records, the amount of water that has fallen in these days far exceeds that of any other month of May.

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Lo worse could be to come, according to the experts: “The ECMWF prediction model takes the DANA towards the south of the peninsula where it could generate locally intense precipitation during the next few days. Both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean are experiencing surface temperatures that are well above normal.”

This series is the explanation of this isolated depression at high levels that puts Spain at risk, in any area that falls, the water can do a lot of damage. Especially if we take into account that the drought has been installed for days, we have lived through the months of March and April, traditionally rainy, as the hottest and driest of this century.

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Picazo has launched his prediction: “There will be storms in many areas of the Peninsula, but the most notable are expected in Catalonia, Aragon, the interior of the Valencian Community and parts of the Balearic Islands. In these areas, the easterly wind will bring humidity and the rains can be locally intense, in addition to not ruling out hail.”

With which, it will be necessary to be prepared for a weekend in which the risk will continue to be present, according to Mario Picazo: “In the late hours of Friday the 26th, DANA will move away across the Atlantic towards the Azores, however, in Spain we will still be in an unstable area. Both Saturday and Sunday this situation of instability will continue.

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