Maribel Guardia’s Grandson Makes Theater Debut at Age 6


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The son of the late Julián Figueroa made his theatrical debut on February 1 in Mexico City. José Julián, also known as Adrián, took on a small role in the final performance of the project’s season. He appeared on the program ‘Ventaneando’ and shared that he felt good about his debut. He played a child who was kidnapped in the scene.

Imelda, Julián Figueroa’s widow, revealed that it wasn’t the first time her son had been on stage. He had previously joined Maribel Guardia in her play ‘Lagunilla Mi Barrio’ to thank the audience. José Julián expressed his interest in acting, but only on some days. He also has a passion for music, inherited from his father and grandfather, Joan Sebastian. He recently expressed a desire to play the piano and sing.

When asked about his singing ability, José Julián confidently stated that he has a high-pitched and hoarse voice. Maribel Guardia’s daughter-in-law, Imelda, expressed her support for her son’s future endeavors, emphasizing the importance of his happiness. She wants him to do what makes him happy, as it brings her happiness as well.

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