María Pombo and Pablo Castellano: Family Privacy and Social Media


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María Pombo and Pablo Castellano, a well-known influencer couple, recently shared their thoughts on social networks and family in a joint interview. The couple, who are popular on social media, opened up about their personal lives and the impact of social media on their family.

María admitted that she doesn’t like the term “influencer” because it seems to diminish the value of their work. She emphasized the importance of social media in today’s world, explaining that it has opened up new career opportunities and is essential for brands. However, she also discussed the negative aspects of social media, such as dealing with unfair criticism and controversies.

One of the most difficult controversies for María was when her words were twisted, and she was falsely accused of making homophobic remarks. She received hurtful messages as a result, which took a toll on her. Despite the challenges, María remains focused on her family, emphasizing that they are the most important thing in her life.

The couple has two children, Martín, who is three years old, and Vega, who is seven months old. Pablo expressed that being a father has been a life-changing experience, and he is focused on raising his children to be kind and respectful individuals. María also shared her thoughts on motherhood, highlighting the challenges and joys of raising her children.

Despite the difficulties they have faced, the couple has no regrets and wouldn’t change anything about their journey. They are grateful for their family and the experiences they have had, both positive and negative. Overall, they remain committed to sharing their lives on social media while prioritizing their family above all else.

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