María del Monte devastated by nephew’s arrest


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Inmaculada Casal was seen leaving her family home after her nephew, Antonio Tejado, was arrested in connection with a house robbery operation in the Aljarafe region. The investigation is also looking into whether this organization was involved in robberies at the homes of María del Monte and Sergio Ramos. If so, her nephew could be a collaborator.

María del Monte, visibly affected and distressed, spoke to the press about the difficult moment she experienced during the robbery at her home. She expressed her trust in the justice system and the presumption of innocence. She is waiting for justice to be served and emphasized the importance of trust in the process.

Regarding the arrest of her nephew, María stated that she does not want to make any accusations and believes in the presumption of innocence until a judge makes a decision. She expressed her feelings about the situation and urged others to put themselves in her shoes to understand her perspective.

The artist’s words reflect the emotional impact of the situation and her desire for justice to prevail. She emphasized the need to trust the legal process and avoid jumping to conclusions. Despite the distressing circumstances, María remains hopeful for a fair resolution.

The arrest of her nephew has undoubtedly added to the stress and uncertainty that María is experiencing. She is relying on the legal system to provide clarity and justice in this difficult situation. Her words convey a sense of resilience and determination to see the truth prevail.

In conclusion, María del Monte’s response to the arrest of her nephew highlights the emotional toll of the situation and her unwavering belief in the justice system. She is facing this challenging time with strength and resilience, and her words serve as a reminder of the importance of trust and patience in the legal process.

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