María Castro confirms she won’t have more kids


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María Castro recently shared the exciting news of her third pregnancy on social media. She posted a photo of her growing belly and revealed that she and her partner, José Manuel Villalba, are expecting another child. The couple already has two daughters, Maia and Olivia, and they were thrilled to announce that they will be welcoming another girl into their family.

In a recent interview, María opened up about her decision to make this her last pregnancy. She explained that it would be risky for her to have another child due to the potential complications of multiple cesarean sections. At 42 years old, she feels that three children is the perfect number for her family.

When asked if she had hoped for a boy, María admitted that she was simply hoping for a third child and didn’t have a preference for the baby’s gender. She expressed her excitement about expanding her family and shared that her daughters are also thrilled about the arrival of their new sibling.

María also expressed gratitude for the support she has received from her production company. She was pleasantly surprised by their understanding and accommodation of her pregnancy, and she feels fortunate to have such a supportive work environment.

As she looks forward to the birth of her third child, María is grateful for the love and support of her family and fans. She plans to continue working until the end of her pregnancy and is eager to return to her professional commitments after welcoming her new baby.

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