Man’s Body Found with Multiple Gunshot Wounds near Elementary School


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The Harris County Sheriff’s Office has confirmed the discovery of a man’s body near an elementary school in the Aldine Independent School District in Houston, Texas. The discovery was made after sheriff’s deputies responded to a shooting in the area. The victim was found lying on the ground with multiple gunshot wounds. The authorities believe the victim was on foot and encountered another person in front of the elementary school when the shooting began. The victim’s name has not been released, and no arrests have been made at this time.

How to avoid being followed? Both women and men can suffer from being followed by someone suspicious when driving on the streets. The Houston Police offer some recommendations that you can take into account if you experience this type of incident. Plan an escape route if you always use the same route to travel from work to your home. If you have children, show them to them. Have a code word among your closest family members so they know to call the police when you say it. Prevent minors from entering into the discussion with the suspect(s). If you have the opportunity, seek help from technology experts to avoid harassment on social media and the internet. Always have your phone handy with the location. Find a safe place to stay, such as a family member or friend’s house.

What to do in case of a shooting? If you are faced with a shooting you should know that the three basic principles to survive are: run, hide and fight, according to the advice offered by the Houston Police Department.

Giselle Bueno still can’t believe that his only sister died along with his 1-year-old nephew during a fire at his parents’ home north of Houston. The Houston Fire Department reported on February 3 that they were attempting to extinguish a house fire at 218 Heaney, near Tidwell. Minutes later, the death of two people inside the home was confirmed through social networks. Univision 45 was able to confirm that during the fire, Giovanna Cabrera, 31, managed to rescue two of her children, ages 6 and 9 years. But, when Cabrera returned to the house for Gabriel Peña, her 1-year-old son, they both lost their lives to the flames. Giselle Bueno says that authorities initially told her that two children were safe and that they were still searching for their sister and the baby. However, when Bueno arrived at his parents’ house, the Houston Fire Department confirmed that they could not save them. At the time of the tragedy, Giovanna Cabrera was alone with her children because her parents were in Monterrey, Mexico. This Hispanic family is accepting donations for funeral services and to rebuild a house so that Cabrera’s children can be raised there. Houston firefighters continue to investigate the origin of the fire. In fact, they told Giselle Bueno that it could take weeks or months.

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