Man sentenced to 180 days in jail for attempting abortion


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Mason Herring, an attorney in Houston, Texas, has been sentenced by the Harris County Prosecutor’s Office after admitting to putting an abortifacient drug in his wife Catherine Herring’s water while she was several months pregnant. This shocking incident occurred in 2022, when Catherine was expecting her baby, but Mason confessed that he did not want to have a child and devised a plan to make her lose the baby. Surprisingly, Herring will only have to spend 180 days in jail and 10 years on probation, according to the sentence of District Judge Andrea Beall. The 39-year-old man was not charged with murder because the baby survived and was born prematurely, about 10 weeks early.

Court documents revealed that Mason Herring allegedly had a relationship with another woman and did not want to have a child with his wife. Catherine Herring testified in court that her daughter survived and is now one and a half years old, and she began the divorce process with Mason in 2022. She became suspicious when her husband constantly offered her water, and after going through the trash, she found a drug that contained a medication used to induce abortion.

In 2022, Mason Herring faced charges of felony assault to induce abortion and was held on $50,000 bail. However, after pleading guilty in 2024, the charges were downgraded to injury to a child and assault on a pregnant person. Catherine Herring questioned the decision of the Harris County Prosecutor’s Office to only give 180 days in prison to a man who tried to kill her daughter on several occasions. She also revealed that her daughter has had developmental problems and has to take her to therapy at least eight times a week.

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In addition to the Herring case, the Houston Fire Department is investigating the causes of a fire that resulted in the tragic deaths of 31-year-old Giovanna Cabrera and her 1-year-old son Gabriel. During the ceremony to honor the victims, family, friends, and loved ones remembered the heroic act of Giovanna Cabrera, who tried to save her three children from the burning house. The Houston Fire Chief, Samuel Peña, emphasized the importance of having smoke detectors in every room of the house and having an evacuation plan in case of fire.

Cabrera managed to rescue two of her children, aged 6 and 9, during the fire, but tragically lost her life along with her 1-year-old son when she returned to the house to save him. Donations are being accepted to rebuild a house for the victim’s children. The origin of the fire is still under investigation by the Houston Fire Department.

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