Man cooks Milanese on Rosario streets during heat wave, surprising all


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The heat wave in Argentina is causing extreme temperatures in 15 provinces in central and northern Argentina and the City of Buenos Aires. Some locations are expected to reach 40 degrees, while five other provinces are under yellow and orange warnings for high temperatures.

In the midst of the scorching heat, a TikTok user in Rosario decided to test the temperature of the asphalt by cooking a Milanese directly on the hot street. The video shows the man placing a Milanese in a frying pan with oil, which immediately began to fry due to the intense heat. The video of this unconventional cooking method quickly went viral, surpassing 3.9 million views on TikTok and obtaining more than 200 thousand likes.

The video sparked a range of reactions from users, with some finding humor in the situation and others expressing their own experiences with the extreme heat in different parts of Argentina. Comments ranged from jokes about cooking other dishes on the street to complaints about the unbearable heat in certain regions.

The video serves as a lighthearted yet eye-opening example of the extreme conditions that many people in Argentina are currently facing due to the heat wave. It also highlights the creativity and resilience of individuals in finding ways to cope with the intense temperatures.

As the heat wave continues to impact Argentina, it is important for people to take necessary precautions to stay safe and cool during this challenging time. Whether it’s finding creative ways to beat the heat or simply staying hydrated and seeking shade, it’s crucial to prioritize health and well-being in the face of extreme weather conditions.

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