Man caught raping a dog in Tolima


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A disturbing case of animal abuse was discovered in the Chimbi village of Melgar, where a Creole dog was sexually abused by a man on January 31. The illegal act was recorded on video by a concerned citizen who immediately reported it to animal rights groups and the Prosecutor’s Office. The Dejando Huella foundation, along with local authorities and organizations, mobilized to rescue the abused pet. The accused was not found at the location, but the animal was successfully rescued and transferred to a shelter for specialized veterinary care.

The dog is expected to recover, after which a formal complaint will be filed to bring the perpetrator to justice. The man responsible for the abuse has been identified as Luis Alberto Valencia, and financial support is needed to cover the veterinary expenses, food, and medical treatment of the dog. The community can contribute by contacting the number provided by animal defenders.

This unfortunate incident highlights the importance of surveillance and community support to combat animal abuse in the region. It also reflects the joint effort of society and the authorities to protect the most vulnerable beings among us. In a separate case in the municipality of San Rafael, a German Shepherd breed dog was found in a wooded area with severe injuries that prevented it from moving. The dog showed signs of both physical and sexual abuse.

The community has expressed widespread condemnation of these acts of cruelty and emphasized the need for more effective measures against animal abuse. Colombian legislation, specifically Law 1774 of 2016, establishes sanctions for this type of crime. The population is encouraged to report any act of violence against animals, providing details and visual evidence to facilitate the actions of the authorities and the application of legal sanctions to the guilty parties.

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