Man accused of sexually assaulting sleeping woman faces over 8 years in prison


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The Cantabria Prosecutor’s Office is seeking an eight and a half year prison sentence for a man accused of sexually assaulting a young woman while she was asleep and affected by alcohol. The prosecutor also wants the accused to compensate the victim with 8,000 euros for the anxiety-depressive disorder and mild post-traumatic stress disorder she has suffered.

The trial is set to begin on January 30 at the Third Section of the Provincial Court of Cantabria. According to the prosecution, the accused met the young woman and her friends while they were partying. When they all went to a third person’s house, the young woman, who had consumed a lot of alcohol, fell asleep on the living room sofa. The accused then took advantage of her vulnerable state and sexually assaulted her.

The prosecution is seeking a sentence of eight and a half years in prison, prohibition from approaching and communicating with the young woman for nine years, disqualification from working with minors for fourteen years, and a security measure after the prison sentence. They also want the accused to be expelled from the country after serving two-thirds of the sentence, with a ban on re-entry for seven years. Additionally, they are requesting 8,000 euros in compensation for the victim.

The young woman’s family is also seeking a nine-year prison sentence, as well as the same removal and communication prohibition, disqualification from working with minors, and expulsion from the country after two-thirds of the sentence has been served, with a prohibition on re-entry for seven years. They are requesting 20,000 euros in compensation for the disorder suffered and its consequences.

The trial is expected to be a significant event at the Salesas judicial complex and the Courts of Santander. The outcome of the trial will have a significant impact on the victim and her family, as well as the accused and his future in Spain. It is a case that has garnered attention and is being closely watched by the public. The decision of the court will be crucial in delivering justice and providing closure to all parties involved.

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