Maity Interiano’s Pregnancy Cravings and Self-Care Routine


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Last November, the Univision presenter, Maity Interiano, announced that she would become a mother this year. She recently shared that she has not had any “crazy” cravings during her pregnancy, but she has developed a preference for green grapes. She also mentioned that her husband has been the one experiencing more cravings.

In addition to discussing her cravings, Maity Interiano also talked about the care she is taking during her pregnancy. She mentioned that she drinks a green juice every morning, which contains spinach, ginger, and other ingredients. She also emphasized the importance of staying hydrated and shared that she has been drinking water with electrolytes to help with swelling in her hands and feet. Additionally, she has been keeping almonds on hand to satisfy her hunger.

In other news, Maity Interiano announced that she will be the co-host of the Univision Night Edition Newscast alongside León Krauze. She also shared that she recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Anuar Zidan. The couple shared the news on social media, and their colleagues and friends from Univision congratulated them on their engagement.

Maity Interiano has not announced the date of her wedding, but she has been sharing moments and trips with her future husband on social media. Anuar Zidan is a businessman in the wine industry, and the couple has been enjoying their time together.

Overall, Maity Interiano is looking forward to becoming a mother and is taking good care of herself during her pregnancy. She is excited about her new role as a co-host and is also celebrating her engagement to Anuar Zidan. Her friends and colleagues at Univision are happy for her and have been sending their best wishes.

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