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Maite Perroni’s Glowing Baby Shower: Flaunting her Beautiful Pregnancy Belly!

Maite Perroni’s Glowing Baby Shower: Flaunting her Beautiful Pregnancy Belly!

Maite Perroni, the Mexican actress known for her role in the soap opera Rebelde, will be expecting her first child with her partner Andrés Tovar. The couple announced the news on January 6, 2022, with a touching video shared on their social media accounts.

Maite celebrated her baby shower, an event that was documented by presenter Rocío Sánchez Azuara on her social media accounts. The party was held in a room decorated with pastel balloons and flowers, with pink being the dominant color, possibly indicating the sex of their baby. The event had a candy bar, food and drinks, and was attended by close friends and family, unlike their lavish wedding party held in October 2021, which was attended by a host of celebrities.

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Although some media outlets noted the absence of her former RBD colleagues, it is unknown if Maite will have more celebrations before the birth of her daughter. The star has been trying to keep her pregnancy discrete, but she has given some information about her new stage as a mother. In mid-February, she revealed to a magazine that she found out about her pregnancy in the first days of September 2021, and her daughter is likely to be born in late April or early May.

Maite Perroni has also shared that they are considering names for their daughter, but they will wait to see what the official name will be. Recently, she stated in an interview that she wants to give birth naturally, but that plans might change according to “what God wants”.

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Prior to her baby shower, Maite was seen with her former RBD colleagues in the recording studio, fueling fan speculation about what the name of the baby girl might be. Some reports suggest that Leah might be the chosen name, but the couple has not yet confirmed it.

This new chapter of Maite’s life comes after her wedding with Andrés Tovar, which took place on October 8, 2021, in Valle de Bravo, Mexico. The wedding brought together the most notable television and soap opera stars in the country, including her former RBD co-stars. The celebration marked a reunion for the four of the six main protagonists of the soap opera Rebelde.

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The wedding was also attended by several other celebrities, including Angelique Boyer and her boyfriend Sebastián Rulli, and Marimar and Zuria Vega. Omar Chaparro and Jorge Poza were also among the guests. The event was a celebration not just of the newlyweds, but also of the stars’ reunion in love and marriage.



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