Magestic Trilogy Review


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The Magestic Trilogy is a captivating blend of alternative history, science fiction, and time travel. This Kindle alternative history fiction series takes readers on a thrilling journey through post-apocalyptic Canada in 2035, where a time traveler is sent back to 1983 to prevent a series of disasters, including the rise of the Muslim Brotherhood and their subsequent attacks on Europe. The protagonist uses his knowledge of the future to navigate the stock markets, all while being pursued by the world’s intelligence agencies. The series spans approximately 4,500 pages and is filled with politics, history, and suspense.


  • Engaging plot and characters
  • Unique take on time travel
  • Well-developed storylines
  • Detailed world-building
  • Compelling and realistic


  • May feel like a list of events at times
  • Some readers found it lengthy

Readers are drawn to the series’ engaging plot, well-developed characters, and unique approach to time travel. The detailed world-building and realistic portrayal of events make it a compelling read. However, some readers found the length and pacing to be a bit challenging, feeling that it read like a list of events. Despite this, the Magestic Trilogy is highly recommended for those who enjoy intricate storytelling and detailed world-building.

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