Magaly TV La Firme LIVE: Evidence of Pamela López on Christian Cueva and Pamela Franco


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Christian Cueva and Pamela López have recently announced their separation after a 12-year relationship. The split was reportedly due to infidelity on the part of the soccer player. Magaly Medina and her team of reporters are working to uncover the identity of the woman with whom Cueva allegedly cheated on his wife. Pamela Franco has responded to media speculation about her involvement in the breakup, denying any wrongdoing. Magaly Medina has revealed that the individuals in a screenshot posted by Pamela López are Pamela Franco and Vanessa Pumarica, a close friend of Franco.

Pamela López has taken to Instagram to share a screenshot of group calls, questioning why someone would make a group call to someone they don’t know. Magaly Medina has commented on López’s statement, noting that this is not the first time she has issued a breakup statement and urging her to provide evidence of the person from the artistic milieu mentioned in her message.

In a recent edition of “Magaly TV La Firme,” Magaly Medina discussed the press release issued by Pamela López, ending her 12-year relationship with Christian Cueva. The show also captured Jesús Barco in his first public appearance after the end of his relationship with Melissa Klug. Additionally, the program presented more details of Christian Domínguez’s ampay and the end of Christian Cueva’s marriage.

Mary Moncada, who was involved in an ampay with Christian Domínguez, apologized publicly for the affair and shared more chats exchanged with the cumbia singer. Alexa Samamé, another woman linked to Domínguez, revealed messages and conversations she had with the singer, as well as threats she received after coming forward. Fiorella Méndez, who was supported by Óscar del Portal along with Aldo Miyashiro and Fiorella Retiz, knew about the singer’s infidelities and decided to remain silent.

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