Magaly Medina downplays encounter with Gisela Valcárcel: “She’s a stranger”


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Magaly Medina recently made headlines after a chance encounter with her long-time rival, Gisela Valcárcel, on a plane. The popular TV host has been traveling after a successful 2023 and is gearing up to return to her show, “Magaly TV La Firme,” with a big scoop that is set to shake up the entertainment world.

In a conversation with the newspaper Trome, Magaly revealed that she only realized Gisela was on the same flight when she ran into Susana Umbert, the producer of Gisela’s show, while on her way to the bathroom. Despite the unexpected encounter, Magaly downplayed the situation, stating that she saw Gisela as just “any other unknown person.”

Magaly also mentioned that she was traveling in business class, emphasizing that those who can afford it have the right to enjoy the comfort it offers. She expressed her support for Gisela’s decision to travel in business class, highlighting the importance of enjoying life and not being stingy when it comes to comfort.

The rivalry between Magaly and Gisela dates back to the 90s when Magaly worked as an opinion columnist and questioned Gisela’s behavior, referring to her as having “diva poses” and claiming that fame had gone to her head. However, over the years, Magaly has established herself as a prominent figure in Peruvian entertainment and has her own successful show.

The tension between the two TV hosts escalated when Gisela called out Magaly on her show, taking issue with her comments about controlling the Telethon Peru and even going as far as to veto another TV personality. This led to a clear opposition between the two figures, with Gisela’s show not featuring any productions from Magaly’s channel.

Despite their longstanding rivalry, Magaly’s chance encounter with Gisela on the plane seems to have been a non-event for her, as she continues to focus on her upcoming return to television and the exciting new developments in store for her show.

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