Madrid’s Transformation in the Second Part


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Real Madrid is a team with two different sides. One side is lazy and clueless, leading to scares and goals against in the first minutes of games. The other side is exuberant and capable of making comebacks and turning losses into victories. This is evident in their results before and after the break.

In the LaLiga classification, Real Madrid is in sixth position based on the first 45 minutes played. They have won eight out of 21 games and had to activate the comeback plan in five of them. However, in the second halves of games, they have 17 wins, three draws, and only one defeat.

The team’s scoring curve also reflects the change in performance before and after the break. After the first 45 minutes, Real Madrid has scored 14 of their 45 goals, compared to only 8 goals against them. This shows a significant improvement in their performance in the second half of games.

Carlo Ancelotti has highlighted the team’s ability to react and never give in, but he also expressed the desire to live more peacefully and enjoy smoother transitions during games. He mentioned that the team needs a goad to show off all of their powers, which could be a goal from the rival or the clock ticking towards 90.

So far this season, Real Madrid has shown their ability to live on the edge, with matches being resolved with only a few minutes left. However, it is not clear whether the fans enjoy these thrilling games or prefer more comfortable wins. It seems that the team needs a challenge to bring out their best performance.

In conclusion, Real Madrid is a team with two faces, but they have shown their ability to make comebacks and turn losses into victories. Their performance significantly improves in the second halves of games, and they have the capacity to react and never give in. However, it remains to be seen whether the fans prefer thrilling games or more comfortable wins.

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