Madrid Arena convict on trial for defrauding sports center shareholders


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Miguel Ángel Flores, the main convict in the Madrid Arena case, is facing trial again for alleged crimes of continued fraud and misappropriation. This is in relation to the management and remodeling works of a sports center that he owned until he went to prison. Flores had previously served a four-year prison sentence for the death of five young people at a Halloween party he organized in 2012.

The Madrid Prosecutor’s Office does not accuse Flores of responsibility for the crimes of continued fraud, misappropriation, and unfair administration. The charges are related to one of the companies, Canacur SA, of which he was the sole director until he entered prison in 2018. The prosecutor’s letter states that there is no evidence that Flores and another accused seized various amounts of the company for their own benefit.

The private prosecution would accuse them of seizing a significant amount of money from the company for their own illicit benefit. The prosecutor also states that there is no evidence that they falsified accounting records and annual accounts of the company. The Prosecutor’s Office considers that there is no evidence that the accused committed the alleged crimes.

In 2018, the Supreme Court confirmed Flores’ conviction as the perpetrator of five crimes of homicide and fourteen crimes of injuries due to serious recklessness for what happened at the Madrid Arena in 2012. The court disqualified him from practicing any activity related to the organization and celebration of events during the time of the sentence.

The ruling concluded that Flores sold more tickets than allowed and that he and the rest of those responsible for the organization and security created and allowed risks. The businessman sold more tickets than the maximum capacity allowed in the municipal pavilion.

Flores’ lawyer blamed the Madrid City Council for the lack of security and the deficiencies of the venue. The trial is set to begin on Monday, and it will be interesting to see how the case unfolds.

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