Macri’s talks in Cumelén and the new alliance with Milei


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Javier Milei, Mauricio Macri, and Patricia Bullrich are key figures in the political landscape of Argentina. Mauricio Macri, in particular, has been very active lately. He has been holding meetings in Cumelén, a picturesque location in Patagonia, where leaders from all over the country come to seek his guidance and support. The former president is focused on explaining and convincing others about his vision for the future of the PRO party.

Macri believes that the PRO has lost its political and ideological uniqueness and that the current libertarian president has filled the void left by his party. He is open to returning to the party leadership and is willing to negotiate with Javier Milei. However, he rejects the idea of a merger between the PRO and La Libertad Avanza, as he wants the party to maintain its distinct identity.

In these discussions, Macri emphasizes the need for the PRO to regain a single leadership and avoid deviating from its core ideas, programs, and values. He also believes that the party should focus on building alliances outside of its own ranks. This approach is seen as a way to counter Milei’s growing influence within the party.

Macri’s rejection of a merger with La Libertad Avanza is a strategic move to prevent Milei from taking over the party. He is aware that many of his party’s supporters are now backing the libertarian leader, and he wants to reclaim their loyalty. Macri is determined to strengthen and give consistency to the PRO after its disappointing performance in the last presidential elections.

The former president also acknowledges the need for the PRO to form new alliances and support the Milei government, albeit without becoming a co-government. He believes that the party should provide technical staff and equipment to support the current administration, rather than high-profile political leaders.

In summary, Mauricio Macri’s recent activities and discussions with party leaders reflect his determination to reassert the PRO’s influence in Argentine politics and prevent the party from being overshadowed by the libertarian movement. He is focused on defining the party’s identity, building strategic alliances, and supporting the current government with a focus on technical expertise.

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