Machu Picchu Strike LIVE: Start Date for Dialogue Table Unconfirmed – Ombudsman’s Office


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The provincial mayor of Cusco, Luis Pantoja, has expressed his strong opposition to the protests and the blockade of the railway line leading to Machu Picchu. He is concerned about the negative impact these demonstrations could have on the region’s tourism efforts.

Joinnus, a company of the Credicorp group, has requested to advance the expiration date of the contract that allows it to provide ticket sales service to Machu Picchu. The Minister of Culture, Leslie Urteaga, has confirmed that she will analyze the proposal. She has also stated that a return to the previous ticket acquisition system is not being considered.

The Popular Collective of Machu Picchu, who are leading the indefinite strike, has stated that their demands have not been met. A meeting has been scheduled in Cusco to address their demands.

The head of the Cusco Ombudsman Office has indicated that the government has not yet confirmed the holding of a dialogue table proposed to take place in Machu Picchu. The strike in Machu Picchu began on January 22 and has continued throughout the week.

The Transandino Railway has indefinitely suspended its train service to Machu Picchu due to the strike and the blocking of the railway. Tourism, gastronomy, and transportation companies have been forced to take drastic measures due to the strike.

Inka Trail operators support the strike in Machu Picchu and demand the dismissal of Minister Leslie Urteaga. The Cusco Chamber has also spoken out against the protests and demanded that public order, citizen security, and protection of Cultural Heritage be respected.

After more than 48 hours of strike in Machu Picchu and clashes, a working table will be set up with the Regional Government of Cusco and mayors of Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, and Urubamba. The protesters will only accept the dialogue if the nullity of the contract between the Ministry of Culture and the Joinnus company is announced.

More than 700 tourists have been evacuated by train from the district of Machu Picchu Pueblo to the Ollantaytambo station after being stranded due to the strike carried out by the local population for the third consecutive day.

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