Luka Doncic Plays Superhero with Mask to Conquer New York


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Kyrie Irving returned to New York to face the Nets, the team he played for before being traded to the Mavericks. He was booed by the crowd, but after the Mavericks’ victory, he signed autographs and took selfies with fans. Irving played a great game, scoring 36 points and feeling at home on the court. Luka Doncic also had an outstanding performance, scoring 35 points and nearly averaging a triple-double since becoming a father.

The Chicago Bulls defeated the Wolves in a game that was resolved in overtime. Coby White scored 33 points, and DeMar DeRozan’s contribution was crucial for the Bulls’ victory. Andre Drummond also played a solid game, scoring 16 points and 16 rebounds. The Wolves’ Anthony Edwards and Karl-Antony Towns had great performances, but it wasn’t enough to avoid defeat.

The Knicks defeated the Grizzlies, with Donte DiVincenzo scoring 32 points and leading the team to their fourth place in the East. Jalen Brunson also shone before retiring with a sprained ankle. Santi Aldama returned for the Grizzlies and fulfilled his role as a starter.

In other games, the Indiana Pacers defeated the Houston Rockets, the Miami Heat beat the Orlando Magic, the Utah Jazz won against the Oklahoma City Thunder, and the Phoenix Suns defeated the Milwaukee Bucks.

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