Luis Vargas Updates on Wife’s Health and Donor Request


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Luis Vargas, also known as ‘The Supreme King of Bachata’, took to Instagram to ask for prayers for his wife, Judith Valdez, who was undergoing surgery. He requested O Negative blood donors and asked for a prayer chain to support his wife during her surgery. Vargas later updated his followers, thanking them for their prayers and expressing gratitude to the medical team who treated his wife.

Luis Vargas is a Dominican singer, guitarist, and composer who is known for popularizing the genre of bachata. He has been in a relationship with his wife for 26 years and they have a 14-year-old son together. Some of his popular songs include ‘No Podemos Volver Contigo’, ‘La Mesa del Rincón’, ‘Tarde Te Repientes’, and ‘La Traicionera’.

Vargas’ emotional plea for prayers for his wife touched the hearts of his fans and followers on social media. The singer’s request for support and the subsequent update on his wife’s health showed the strong bond between the couple and the outpouring of love and support from their community.

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